Re: Paper on use of selectors for adaptive hypermedia

> I am under the strong impression that implementation of this proposal
> could generate a major security flaw.
> With selection based on browsing contexts, I could give a style (color
> for instance) to an element in a web document based on the user's
> browsing history, retrieve the computed value of the color for that
> element, deduce that this web page has been previously visited and send
> the data back to a server on the web. I could also send back to a server
> any information about the browsing device and all the data contained in
> the browsing context.

We thought about our proposal to cope better with security concerns as
other approaches. Our approach is completely client-based, so no
information has to be sent to the server, as compared to cookies or even
CC/PP, for example. I don't understand well if it is possible with CSS
what you describe above, namely to send information about computed
values to the server.


Received on Wednesday, 30 January 2002 10:33:01 UTC