Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

Shelby Moore:
> Suggest the CSS3 deal with the controversy over whether to use a double or
> single space between sentences:

Why not   (or is it  )? You are setting most other spaces
yourself, too.

> However, I am reasonably confident this issue has not been handled yet


> Suggest CSS3 specify the spacing between sentences.

The idea isn't all that bad, but sentences are not marked up. At least not
in HTML.

How do you automatically distinguish between a dot after a sentence and one
after an abbreviation (in a language without <abbr/>) or one after an
ordinal number?

> Ideally this setting
> would be (non-linearly?) proportional to the resolution of the media,

Wouldn't it be proportional to the font-size? Like em and en spaces are.

> My practical advice ( to use
> double space, is based on the lack of reliable way to insure that
> will be scannable (quickly delimited by eye) on all ranges of devices.

Double space after "." looks as wrong as no spaces around em/en dashes or
the 7 bit equivalent "--". That's from a German POV where other typography
laws apply.

Christoph Päper

Received on Monday, 16 December 2002 17:50:38 UTC