Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

Suggest the CSS3 deal with the controversy over whether to use a double or
single space between sentences:

I did not yet read the entire new CSS3 Line WD:

However, I am reasonably confident this issue has not been handled yet in
CSS.  The CSS2 :first-letter pseudo element does not deal with
inTER-sentence spacing:

Suggest CSS3 specify the spacing between sentences.  Ideally this setting
would be (non-linearly?) proportional to the resolution of the media, as
resolution is related to how "typographically correct" the inTRA-sentence
kerning will be.  The "tighter" the kerning, then then less inTER-sentence
spacing is needed to reliably scan for sentences (remember users scan web
pages, per useability expert Jakob Nielsen).  Kern "tightness" is both a
function of the specified kerning and resolution (aliasing) of the media.

My practical advice ( to use double
space, is based on the lack of reliable way to insure that sentences will
be scannable (quickly delimited by eye) on all ranges of devices.  Being
blind in one eye, and using a notebook exclusively, this issue is a one I
have personal experience in.  Given I still play very competitive
basketball (demonstrates the capabilities with one eye), I think I am not
underestimating impact of adequate sentence spacing on web comprehension
(given that users scan web pages, else they become exhausted (especially
with one eye) when researching many documents and hyperlinks).

Thus, I cc'ed also the Accessibility group leads
( in private email (someone else feel free
to repost in their mailing list).

Apologies if this setting already exists some where in CSS.  I do not think
it does, but I am not yet a walking CSS dictionary :)

-Shelby Moore

Received on Sunday, 15 December 2002 13:12:13 UTC