Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

Ian Hickson wrote:
>>Yep, I know. Standard bodies do never correct their mistakes. They
>>just call it backwards compatibility ;-) Copy-pasting from my local
>>copy of REC-CSS2-19980512, which I think is not the latest revision,
>>but is the best one at hand right now: [...]
> Well we could change it I guess. But I'd rather not as it is already
> interoperably implemented, so changing it is expensive and will make the
> values unusable for a period of time.

   Since I'm not you, I say "drop it". I don't think it would be used, 
at least by anyone knowing the greek styles. The spec says "lower 
classical greek" and none of the implementation follows its word. If I 
were you, I wouldn't drop it, though... Just deprecate it ;-)

>>Googling for "list-style-type" and "lower-greek" makes me quite happy 
>>as I mostly get to pages describing CSS2, a page from a Netscape 
>>employee describing their implementation, but no serious use of the 
>>numbering style named "lower-greek" till now.
> Note that google often doesn't give results for stylesheet content.

   I know, but it was my best choice!

>>In my previous postings I've described three greek styles:
>>- lower(-modern)-greek
>>- upper(-modern)-greek
>>- ancient-greek, or lower-ancient-greek, if you prefer
> Ok. I just looked through my mail archives and I have about 7 different
> variations of the algorithm and various different tables. Could you
> provide an algorithm for each of these, in English, in the style of the
> other algorithms given in:

   I thought I clearly stated it... My posting of 2002-11-12 was (well, 
completely) wrong as far as it concerns the tables. My last posting 
containing these tables, the one of 2002-12-11 contains the corrected 

> ...including the unicode codepoints for each character, and some examples?
> That would be most helpful.

   I'll try to do my best!...

> Cheers,


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