CSS2.1: Unresolved Table Issues

Over-constrained Table Rows

  If a table row is over-constrained (all widths, paddings, and
  borders are specified, including the table width), what gives?
  There's no margin on the table cells.

  CSS2.1 Section: 17
      References: [1]

Wording Error on Border Conflict Resolution

  | 3.If none of the styles is 'hidden' and at least one of them is
  |   not 'none', then narrow borders are discarded in favor of wider
  |   ones. If several have the same 'border-width' than styles are
  |   preferred in this order: 'double', 'solid', 'dashed', 'dotted',
  |   'ridge', 'outset', 'groove', and the lowest: 'inset'.

  Should probably read "If none of the styles are 'hidden' and at
  least two of them are not 'none'".

  Also, it should be "If several ... then styles are", not "If several
  ... than styles are". 

  CSS2.1 Section: 17.6.2
      References: [1]

Missing Case for Border Conflict Resolution

  | 4. If border styles differ only in color, then a style set on a
  |    cell wins over one on a row, which wins over a row group, column,
  |    column group and, lastly, table.

  What happens if the border styles are both set on individual cells?

  CSS2.1 Section: 17.6.2
      References: [1]

Unnecessary Auto-Layout?

  | Fixed table layout
  | ...
  | The table's width may be specified explicitly with the 'width'
  | property. A value of 'auto' (for both 'display: table' and
  | 'display: inline-table') means use the automatic table layout
  | algorithm. 

  If neither margin is 'auto', then the width can be calculated
  and the fixed table layout algorithm easily invoked. Auto layout
  is the default--if the author explicitly chose the fixed layout
  algorithm, then why should "width: auto" revert it to automatic?

  Taking out this clause also provides a mechanism for "making
  tables automatically fit their containing blocks" without waiting
  for "future versions of CSS" to introduce new properties.

  CSS2.1 Section: 17.6.2
      References: [2]

Ambiguous Table Backgrounds

  Too long and complicated to repeat here. See [3]

  CSS2.1 Section: 17
      References: [3]

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