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1. The unqualified use of the term "semantics" is confusing, 
ambiguous and potentially harmful
2. The Web Accessibility Initiative, as currently formulated, may be 
potentially harmful to the future development of the Web
3. The further development of XHTML, since it is inevitably based on 
ambiguous semantics, is potentially harmful to semantic clarity

I think the fourth and most concrete issue is this:

4. Is it acceptable to publish raw XML on the Web? While this was one 
of the original goals of XML 1.0, some members of the WAI object to 
this strongly. If it is acceptable to publish raw XML, then there are 
a lot of other questions about stylesheets, metadata, accessibility, 
and so forth that need to be adressed as well. On the other hand, if 
the position that only HTML/XHTML, and a few other predefined 
vocabularies are suitable for Web publication, then a lot of other 
issues become moot.

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