height as percentage and inheritance

In the following example a p has a height of 4in;
the div inside that has height: 50% and the div
inside that has a height: inherit. In reading the
spec I assume that the inner div should inherit
the computed value (not percentage). This is the
behaviour Mozilla uses. But IE6.0 (Win32) and Opera6.0
seem to ignore height: inherit and use height: auto

- Jacob

<style type="text/css">
div { overflow: hidden; border: solid thin black; padding: 0.5em }
div.one { height: 50% }
div.two { height: inherit}
<p style="font-style: italic">
Below is a <b>&lt;p&gt;</b> with a height of 4in. Inside it has
a <b>&lt;div&gt;</b> with height 50%; inside is another <b>&lt;div&gt;</b>
with height set to inherit.
<div class="one">
<div class="two">

Received on Friday, 2 August 2002 20:19:19 UTC