Re: a:hover and a:active and named anchors

On 8/1/02 2:09 AM, "Ian Hickson" <> wrote:

> Coises wrote:
>> There is precedent for this in an existing  CSS3 working draft; see:
>> (the "user-input" property determines whether an element can take
>> the :active state).  An analogous infinite loop is noted and disallowed.
> That property will not appear in the final version of this spec.

Actually, this spec is being replaced by a CSS3 module: basic user interface
- which will hopefully be published any day now, and has dropped the
"user-*" properties due to lengthy reconsideration.

> It was an 
> error.

Not an error, perhaps just ill-conceived.

It is technically possible to have a property which affects a pseudo-class,
you just have to disallow (e.g. Ignore) setting that property in a selector
which contains that pseudo-class.  However even _that_ is limited in that if
you have two such situations, they could trigger each other.  And even then
it is possible, by disallowing setting both properties in both

Needless to say this would add significant unnecessary complication to both
the authoring model and processing model, and therefore the group decided a
while ago to avoid these kinds of property/selector dependencies.


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