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Actually, IIRC, you had to find an install point for MSIE 3.0, and then
you could upgrade.  I believe it's still on our site somewhere.

And no, I'm not responsible for IE2 being on NT4, exactly - I joined the
IE team shortly before IE 2.0 shipped, did exactly one code checkin for
IE2.  :^)


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> Side note: I still have MSIE2 on my original WinNT4 CD from the fall 
> of 1996 here in my flat, you are the one responsible for it even being

> there in the first place?

Speaking of MSIE2 on WinNT4, last I knew, the Microsoft home page
( was not accessible with that browser.  So if you
installed NT and wanted to upgrade your browser to some newer version of
IE, you could not.  I don't remember the exact message that you got, but
basically you couldn't view any of the pages on the site.  In order to
upgrade IE, you had to download a newer version from another computer
that was running a newer version of IE, and then copy the install to the
machine with IE2.  The alternative would be to try and download a
version of Netscape (or some other UA).  Anyone know if Microsoft ever
caught on to this bug?


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