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>Microsoft is acting here in the same way as terrorists on Sept.11 in WTC.
> Terrorists got their war. Microsoft will get it as well.
>Mr. Plessky,
>You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting such a thing. This
>statement is of the worst taste I've ever seen on the Internet, and I'm
>including all those pornographic sites.

>I think you owe an appology both to the list and to Chris Wilson and to

Judging from what you quoted. Mr. Plessky does not mention any other
name but Microsoft. I'm pretty sure that even MS will be a target for
the same "forces" that has made other "towers of Babel" fall down in
previous history. The future will tell.

Names of employees in companies are not of interest, the final result
that comes out of a company is OTOH. And here it has been shown that
MS and MSN has a really serious communication problem to deal with.

Some named people participates, in various ways, in the production of
that "result", judge those for exactly what they are doing for the
company, nothing else Ok?

Finally: A question of order.

We are _all_ subscribed to this list, right?

Then _learn_how_to_post_ to a mailing list.

Do NOT CC every damned input to people all around, send your input
_to_ the list and set your "Reply-To" header to point to the list too.

And adopt some proper way of quoting previous material, as well as
snipping out what we don't want to comment.

This header line is so very revealing about plain amateurs...

  X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4522.1200

...naturally it means that whatever gets posted using that piece of
crap has a full quote of all previous messages hanging straight down
below the actual input.

Shape up please.

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       without understanding the engineering (or lack thereof.)

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