The topic is "style" - (Was - Deplorable Taste)

Guys (and girls),

Can we please get posts to the list back on topic.

When a list discussion on a topic about which individuals feel strongly gets 
to the point where personal attacks and demands for apologies fly, isn't it 
time to stop and think what the list is for?

If those who feel they want to demand or give apologies did so off list then 
that would leave the list for the purpose it was intended - the intelligent 
discussion of style at W3C.

Let's all show a little "style"! :)

Regards to all

Andrew Watt

In a message dated 26/10/01 22:35:39 GMT Daylight Time, 

> <Plessky>
> Microsoft is acting here in the same way as terrorists on Sept.11 in WTC.
> Terrorists got their war. Microsoft will get it as well.
> </Plessky>
> Mr. Plessky,
> You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting such a thing. This
> statement is of the worst taste I've ever seen on the Internet, and I'm
> including all those pornographic sites.
> I think you owe an appology both to the list and to Chris Wilson and to
> Tanek
> Frank Boumphrey

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