Re: Standards Compliance and msn

At Friday, 10/26/2001 07:47 PM, Vadim Plessky wrote:
>On Friday 26 October 2001 17:52, Zoltan Hawryluk wrote:
>|   I have to totally agree with Mr. Wilson on this.
>|   Even though I really don't agree with Microsoft on their strategy on MSN,
>| I think it is of *really* bad taste to them (or any other business) with
>| the murder of thousands of people when they aren't remotely responsible.
>Who said that they [MS] were responsible with murders? Zoltan, you just
>mixing things.
>Ok, let me clarify my original post a little bit.


Where the offense is happening is with the idea that building a 
non-compatible browser and engaging in questionable business practices 
could POSSIBLY be comparable to an attack that left 5000+ people dead. 
That's not a cultural thing - it's shoddy logic. I'd say it's like 
comparing apples and oranges, but that doesn't even cover it. It's like 
comparing enormous corporate-giant apples with oranges that kill people.

Alison, wondering how long before Godwin's law gets expanded to include 
Osama bin Laden too

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