Re: IE 6.0 cannot handle Japanese yet

* Masayasu Ishikawa wrote:
>MURATA Makoto <> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, my ISP does not allow me to specify the charset paramter 
>> for CSS.  I will speak with them.
>Well, this is a bit off-topic for this mailing list, but your ISP
>is running Apache 1.3.20 and it does make use of the AddCharset
>directive [1].
>The AddCharset directive is orthogonal to media types, so it should
>be able to add an appropriate charset parameter to any media types.
>In this case, adding the suffix ".css.utf-16" should send the resource
>as "Content-Type: text/css; charset=utf-16".

AFAICT Apache does not add any charset for .utf-16 (it would be .utf16
by the way, corresponding to .utf8 etc.) so you would need to have a

  AllowOverride +FileInfo

for the relevant directory and MultiViews must be activated in oder to
work, i.e. another

  AllowOverride +FileInfo +Options


  Options +MultiViews

If you have FileInfo override privileges, you can just do

  Addtype text/css;charset=utf-16

with no need to negotiate the content. Allowing FileInfo override is a
potential security hole, so he may indeed have no chance to change the
charset parameter for text/css documents. However, rules for text/css
and text/xml with no explicit charset parameter are different... I was
just going to discuss this issue.

Please don't reply to list, Apache's configuration details are offtopic

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