Re: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?

Vadim Plessky <> wrote on 10/24/01 9:02:31 PM:
>On Wednesday 24 October 2001 14:10, Andrew McFarland wrote:
>|   At 08:47 24/10/2001 -0400, Jesse McCarthy wrote:
>|   >horizontally and vertically centering a
>|   >DIV containing some text within another DIV?
>|   Can you provide us with an example URL?
>|   Andrew
>Come on, in thread _"inline" elements in CSS2 box model, and "inline-block" 
>in CSS3"_ we discussed this subject as well.
>See answers from Tantek Celik.
>There is no easy way to center block in vertical direction (but you can use 
>absolute positioning)
>Probably, new 'block-align' property should be introduced for this.

Vadim, thanks for contributing to the thread.  A few points that might interest 

a) I don't know who you're talking to because you quoted two people

b) some people (e.g. myself) did not belong to this list when that thread 

c) it's almost impossible for me to make any sense of your description or 
examples in that thread 

I think what you were talking about, and this is just a guess really, is having 
more than one block-level element on the same horizontal "line".  If that's the 
case, why don't you float those blocks to the left? 

I guess the denouement is that you want us to look at the post by Tantek Celik 
and then agree that "Probably, new 'block-align' property should be introduced 
for this".  Well, that's fine with me, if that's what it takes to accomplish 
this oh-so-simple objective, so be it, but I'm still incredulous that it isn't 
in CSS 2.  I don't know if 'block-align' is such a great name though; I'm 
suggesting an essentially effortless way to vertically align any and all 
content within a block. 

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