CSS3: margins

  |  'Margin-inside' and 'margin-outside' are aliases for 'margin-left'
  |  or 'margin-right', depending on the current medium:
  |    * in paged media [link], 'margin-inside' sets 'margin-left' for
  |      those parts of an element that fall on a right-hand page and
  |      'margin-right' for the parts on a left-hand page. 'Margin-outside'
  |       is the reverse.
  |    * in other media, 'margin-inside' is an alias for 'margin-left' and
  |      'margin-outside' for 'margin-right'.
  |  Note: "inside" refers to the side of a page close to the binding,
  |  "outside" to the side where the book opens.
  | [Do we really need margin-inside & margin-outside, or is 'page:left'
  |  enough?]

I think margin-inside/margin-outside would only be useful for
the outermost element in printed material. Gutters, IMO, should
be handled by the UA, as they depend on the type of binding.

margin-start and margin-end would be very helpful, though. :)

Received on Sunday, 14 October 2001 15:47:43 UTC