Re: Proposal: list-item-color

Tantek Celik wrote:

>>('Display: marker' is not supported by any browser so far, I believe.)
>Nor should it be, in our opinion.
>The ':before {display:marker}' method (IMHO - hack) for doing list markers
>is seriously problematic both for implementers and for authors.
>It is poorly designed, and would have never exited "CR" had there been a CR
>period when CSS2 went to last call.
>I believe that much better solutions are both desired and possible, and, as
>co-editor of the CSS3 List Module, I invite proposals (such as
>'list-style-color') from the community to arrive at a better solution.
>Frankly, the CSS1 list properties were both much easier to implement, and to
>understand from an authoring perspective.  CSS2's list model went a bit off
>the theoretical deep end as it were.
I definitely agree with that.

Some other properties could be applied (background for instance, text 
and font styles) to the list item marker and using a list-* naming is 
probably not the best thing to do; in fact, it still shows that the best 
option is a pseudo-element. We could end up with a pseudo-element 
::list-marker not accepting the content property but only 'stylistic' 
properties. Comments ?

Daniel Glazman, Netscape Communications Corp.

Received on Monday, 1 October 2001 12:41:42 UTC