Re: ???

> Daniel BODEA writes:
> > Is there ANY W3C member listening to this mailing list? Really...
> If you mean that it's now Sunday and the question you posed on
> Saturday has *still* not had an answer from somebody associated with
> W3C: well, what can I say?
> Yes, there are people from W3C on this list, not just W3C staff but
> also people working for W3C member organizations. They also regularly
> take part in discussions, but no more and no less than anybody else.
> Remember that this is a discussion list. People take part in
> discussions when they have an interest in them. Nobody has an
> obligation to answer a question.

Indeed I posted the message during the week-end. For years now I've been
used to working all the time (nights, week-ends, ...) and so it never
occurred to me that other people might have other plans sometimes :) I
apologize. I know this is a discussion list but it just wasn't any activity
almost at all (compared to the qMail list for instance).


Received on Monday, 1 October 2001 09:39:50 UTC