Re: The "display" property

> > > > Given an <img style="display: none">, is the navigator required to
> > > > download the image and cache it or not? Moreover, is this a standard
> > > > or should each navigator implement its behaviour the way it sees
> > > > fit? After some experimentation, it seems IE 5.5 does download and
> > > > cache the images though Netscape still doesn't work.
> >
> > > There's no need to download the image with display: none; so it
> > > isn't under Gecko based browsers, of which Netscape 6 is one.
> >
> > My question still is... is this behaviour (display: none <=> download)
> > clearly defined in any spec or not?
> My personal thought on this is if we're not going to display this visual
> element, we don't need to download it (just yet). However, I would expect
> the user agent to hold on to the image data if it's display property
> to a visual state (in this case, inline), even if it goes non visual

Wouldn't it be great if the navigator started downloading the "display:
none" images at the same time as the "onLoad" event is fired? Just a

On the other hand, looking over the docs again, the same question about
downloading images goes for the "visibility: hidden" elements. The
difference is that these elements DO create boxes. Still there is nothing
clearly stated in the recommendation on this.


Received on Monday, 1 October 2001 04:35:24 UTC