Re: Errata in CSS3 selectors

* Ian Hickson wrote:
>A UA that implements the XYZ profile of the spec implements everything
>that profile XYZ says it must implement.

Section 12 reads:

  "Each specification using W3C selectors must define the subset of W3C
   Selectors it allows and excludes, and describe the local meaning of
   all the components of that subset."

At the risk of beeing clueless: where will the normative CSS Level 3
profile be defined? For now I see a CSS 2 conforming user agent MAY
implement :first-line and :first-letter and a CSS 3 conforming user
agent MUST implement them and I wonder why. Additionally, the
non-normative CSS Level 2 profile in the W3C selectors draft says
nothing about :first-letter and :first-line beeing optional, why don't
CSS Level 2 and the non-normative profile match?
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