RE: CSS Selectors in Last Call?

Selectors do have some dependencies on the rest of CSS. As Bjoern pointed
out, the description of ::selected refers to the other documents.
::menu is still in the document even though Tantek pointed out that the User
Interface working group decided it was insufficient.

Other working drafts could still find more pseudo-elements that need to be
included in W3C Selectors. 

Another problem is that there is still an Editor's Note in the document
This definitely needs to be removed before the Candidate Recommendation
stage, but if the content it is replaced with needs to be changed, Candidate
Recommendation is too late to change it.

CSS 3 needs to be tightly integrated with itself, and, even if the Selectors
module is less dependent on the rest of CSS, there is no reason to rush its
release before it can possibly be implemented.
Perhaps the current document could be released as CSS 2.5 Selectors, and
then a final CSS 3 Selectors module could be released at the same time as
the rest of CSS 3 so that we can be sure it matches.

Maybe I'm wrong. Can documents be significantly updated while in the
Candidate Recommendation phase? If so, then the Selectors module could stay
a Candidate Recommendation until the rest of the modules catch up so that it
can be updated as necessary.

Jeffrey Yasskin

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Jeffrey Yasskin wrote:
> Are you guys sure that the Selectors module should be in the Last Call
> when most of the CSS 3 modules aren't even working drafts? Shouldn't CSS 3
> be developed mostly in parallel so that the modules can refer to each

Since selectors have no dependencies on the CSS properties or on the CSS
rendering model, there is no need to delay this module while the others
get finished.


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