Re: Errata in CSS3 selectors


section 7.3:

  These are the CSS properties that apply to ::selection
  pseudo-elements:color, background, outline.

There is a missing white-space. Shouldn't this be

  'color', 'background', 'background-color', 'background-image',
  'background-position', 'background-attachment', 'background-repeat',
  'outline', 'outline-color', 'outline-style', 'outline-width'

? At least a comment, that not only the shorthand forms are allowed
should be inserted. Why is there such a serious restriction on the
applicable properties? At least the 'cursor' property could be added.

  The color of 'background-image' on ::selection may be ignored.

This sentence makes no sense to me.
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Received on Friday, 18 May 2001 21:15:26 UTC