Using non tiling background image and a background color

Hello there!

I am trying to put an image header on top of my html-page, without any
border around the image (that is I want it to start at pixels 0,0 and I
want to be able to place text on top of it). I figure the best way to do
this is to use a background image and let it tile horizontally but... I am
having a problem with Netscape when I use the background-repeat,
background-image and background-color attributes. It annoys me because
everything works just fine under Microsofts Internet Exploder.

Another alternative that I have thought of is to place an image object in
the uppermost corner of the page, only Netscape wont let me do that
either. The third option would be to make a table of the whole page and
set the margins to zero, but, guess what, Netscape wont allow zero

What should I do? Please help!

/kind regards Olle Andersson

Received on Saturday, 19 May 2001 17:32:52 UTC