Re: first-word pseudo-element

Tantek Celik wrote:

>Oh Daniel, no need to make it so difficult.  We already have the concept of
>word in CSS1.
>This definition could work for example:
>  The :first-word pseudo-element denotes all characters in an element from
>its :first-letter up to and including the character after which
>'word-spacing' is first applied.
Tantek, who told you I understand and agree with the definition of 
'word-spacing' ? I find it incredibly western-languages centric

Furthermore, excerpt from the spec :

  This value indicates inter-word space in addition to the default space
  between words. Values may be negative, but there may be implementation-
  specific limits.

But some languages have no space between words at all and we have no 
specification for that. In that case, what means 'word-spacing' ? 'Is it 
equal to 'letter-spacing' ? Is it purely UA-dependant ?

Without space between words in the text nodes, your definition of 
:first-word does not work...


Received on Friday, 18 May 2001 03:38:40 UTC