Comments on CSS3 text module


Some comments towards


  the spec is about 100 printed pages, why aren't isn't there a text and
  an i18n module? It's very hard to dig through the text, there seem to
  be millions of properties and possible values...


  there are 'Conforming user agents'-links in some places, they link to
  the CSS Level 2 conformance definition. CSS Level 2 says a conforming
  user agents is one, that meets the constraints of "this"
  specification, it's a bad idea to reference it; won't there be a CSS
  Level 3 conformance definition or why was this done if not by

  I suggest to use one HTML coding style, i.e. either all-uppercase
  element and attribut names or all-lowercase ones. If possible, I'd
  like to see XHTML used for all examples; why are the CSS Level 3
  modules stuck to HTML syntax instead of XHTML?

  there are classnames used throughout the document with names that
  conclude a special presentation; this should be deprecated usage of
  class names in order to add semantic value and structure to documents.
  I agree that it might be easier to understand the behaivour with
  examples like ".green { color: green }" but authors adopt this coding
  style code with presentation in mind, rather than structure as it is
  intended in XHTML.

  the document refers to pseudo-elements with the old with the old
  :pseudo-syntax, it must use the CSS Level 3 ::pseudo syntax

  'whitespace' and 'white-space' are mixed in the document - XML 1.0
  uses 'whites-pace' so this should be used throughout the document.

  the sections

    Changes from Previous Working Draft 

  should be made appendices

  the references section should distinguish between normative and
  informative references; the Acknowledgements should be marked
  informative as well as the changes section; appendix A should state,
  whether it's normative or informative part of the specification

  Unicode Technical Reports are abbreviated 'UTR' and not 'TR', at least
  on the homepage of the Unicode consortium, the document should follow
  that convention.

section 13:

  the property index should have a 'introduced in' column

section 12.1:

  it's 'xml:lang' rather than 'XML:LANG'

section 8:

  there should be some note on the xml:preserve attribute

  do we really need the three properties text-wrap, white-space and

  i miss a small note on unicode (white-)space characters and their
  influence on white-space handling

section 8.1:

  I don't know if the WG agreed to use a 'normal' value wherever
  possible, but

    text-space: collapse


    text-space: keep

  would be a straightforward alternative (instead of 'normal'/'honor')

section 8.2:

  what does

    text-wrap: none

  do, what

    white-space: nowrap


section 8.3:

  please add some inner borders to the table

section 5.2:

  the last screenshot is far too large

section 10.6:

  i think it's a rather bad idea to give examples of use of technologie 
  that are/will be deprecated by the WCAG

section 4.1:

  there is a missing white-space between 'alignment:' and 'the' in the

section 5:

  the graphics are rather hard to read and understand. the red lines
  overlap with the text, the font-size of the text is too small, i'd
  call them over-blured. i suggest to consider using another color than
  red for the lines, that should improve readability; I'd really like to
  have those graphics in SVG when the spec gets into recommendation

section 5.6:

  wouldn't 'alignment-adjustment' be a better name for the property
  ('alignment-adjust')? there is again a missing whitespace between
  colon and 'the'.

section 8.3:

  "Conforming user agents may ignore the 'white-space' property in
   author and user style sheets but must specify a value for it in the
   default style sheet." - is this the same for the other
  space-controling properties?

section 8.4:

  colon -> the: no whitespace...

section 9.5:

  see above ... I stop reporting that here

section 10.6:

  :first-letter and :first-line are hyperlinks to CSS Level 2, these
  should link to CSS Level 3 and spelled ::first-letter and ::first-line

section 14:

  It's "Name" not ".Name" in the CSS 2 profile table heading

section 10.4:

  do we need to repeat all the possible values each time?

section 3.2:

  writing-mode should use 'ltr' and 'rtl' to be consistent with the
  direction properties value, so ltr-tb, rtl-tb, ...

So far for a quick overview, I'll have a sleep now. Don't be afraid,
there will be more comments :)
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