Future suggestions for stylesheets ...

I found this address in an O'reilly book and thought I'd make some

1)  I think it would be cool if you could specify highlighting color, you
know when you hold the left-mouse button down and drag it across text or an
image.  Most user agents default to the operating system highlight unless
there is a dark background which it defaults to white.  It'd be nice if you
could highlight in step with a color scheme for your site something like

   use psuedo-class like :hover  background-color is highlight  color is for
	P:highlight{background-color:#FF6600; color:#DDDDDD}

This style could even be expanded to maybe put a border around highlighted
stuff or even use background-color:transparent for an image so if someone
accidentally drags his mouse over an image it doesn't turn blue (or OS

2) This may already be there & user agent support isn't there, but
transparent frames & iframes.  That way you could tack a big corporate logo
on the back of the page that defines the frameset and have all the frames
just show the text over top of that logo.  This would really come in handy.

3) Another one would be scrollbar-position.  Say you have two frames, a left
and a right (ex. Yahoo! Mail's page once you sign in)  What if your left
frame is longer than your browser window & now you have this ugly scrollbar
in the middle of the page.  It'd be nice if you specify for the left frame
that the scroll bar floats to the left side so the beauty of your page is

4) More control over form elements especially select lists.  This may just
be a user agent deal, but it should be a specification.

5) Finally, I read somewhere that Netscape was developing something called
ActionSheets however it gave no description of what that was.  This got me
thinking though.  I know stylesheets define style but what if there was
another "sheet" specification that defined behaviors of elements of a page
by class.  Say you have a DIV with a CLASS="bob", you could specify on that
every class named "bob" performs certain functions onMouseOver, onClick,
etc.  You catch my idea.

Anyways thanks for stylesheets.  They make developing that much easier.

A CCS lover,

Received on Friday, 13 July 2001 15:13:51 UTC