Re: Stretchy backgrounds? (background-width,height properties)

Manos Batsis wrote:
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> Hey Chris, thanks for the reply.
> > > While filters (besides being proprietary) give the effect
> > on the element
> > > as a whole, including children.
> >
> > Yes. Except the filters are not proprietary.
> I meant the IE filters. 

Oh - those! Yes, they are proprietary. SVG filters, which is what I
thought you were talking about, are non proprietary, fuly described, and
can be implemented by anyone without secret knowledge or reverse

> AFAIK, although submitted to W3C, 

No, they were never a submission to W3C

> they where not
> seriously considered 

They were, however, seriously considered, then rejected

> due to luck of serious documentation and probably
> tight dependence with the windows OS. 

Yes. And I got an action item to see whether the SVG filters would
work,and they do, but currently the CSS WG is reluctant to generalize
them into CSS3 it seems.

> Kindest regards,
> Manos

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