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At 2001-07-13T09:16-0400, Brian Hunger wrote:-

> 1)  I think it would be cool if you could specify highlighting color, you
> know when you hold the left-mouse button down and drag it across text or an
> image.  Most user agents default to the operating system highlight unless
> there is a dark background which it defaults to white.  It'd be nice if you
> could highlight in step with a color scheme for your site something like
> this:
>    use psuedo-class like :hover  background-color is highlight  color is for
> font
> 	P:highlight{background-color:#FF6600; color:#DDDDDD}

The CSS3 selectors draft introduces the ::selection pseudo-element. (You
can't use a pseudo-class, because it is possible to select only part of an

> 2) This may already be there & user agent support isn't there, but
> transparent frames & iframes.  That way you could tack a big corporate logo
> on the back of the page that defines the frameset and have all the frames
> just show the text over top of that logo.  This would really come in handy.

Frames aren't supported in CSS, for far too many reasons to list here. As
for iframes, there is no reason why an embedded object cannot have
transparent parts, so (AFAICS) this is indeed just a UA issue.

> 5) Finally, I read somewhere that Netscape was developing something called
> ActionSheets however it gave no description of what that was.  This got me
> thinking though.  I know stylesheets define style but what if there was
> another "sheet" specification that defined behaviors of elements of a page
> by class.  Say you have a DIV with a CLASS="bob", you could specify on that
> every class named "bob" performs certain functions onMouseOver, onClick,
> etc.  You catch my idea.

There was a Behavioral CSS (BeCSS) WD, but it seems to have been more or
less abandoned. I think it is felt that scripting should be kept out of
the core specification, as it adds too much complexity. (Incidentally (and
probably slightly off-topic), could similar functionality be achieved by a
script traversing the document tree and adding event attributes as

Tim Bagot

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