Re: Direction

Michael Hamm wrote:
> The Direction property (CSS2) allows only for 'rtl' and 'ltr' values.  I
> believe Chinese is written from top down (although I may well be mistaken;

You are correct.

> in any event, I'm fairly certain *some* language(s) are written from top
> down). 

Yes, including Japanese, etc.

> It would therefore be prudent to add a 'ttb' (top-to-bottom) value,
> and a Secondary-direction property indicating which way the lines should be
> ordered.  (E.g., in top-down writing, should the first line be at the right
> or the left of the screen?)

Adding support fro vetrtical writing is indeed a priority, butis not quite
as simple as this. However, CSS3 is intended to allow vertical, horizontal,
and mixed writing.


Received on Thursday, 22 February 2001 12:46:42 UTC