RE: scroll bars for the web

> From:	Mjumbe Ukweli []
> scroll bars are an important part of the style of any page, especially
> with 
> the ability to set the overflow property to scroll.  it is therefore 
> necessary that developers have more control over scroll bars' appearance, 
> position, etc.
[DJW:]  Something to remember is that whilst you may want to
achieve a look and feel that puts your personality into the
page, operating system developers want to do the same thing;
it is not necessarily in their interest that web page controls
look identical on all platforms.  (This ignores the other 
important party, the consumer of the web page.)

A problem that I think already exists with web pages is the hunt
the link syndrome; you need to have learnt a large number of
idioms for indicating links, or to wave the mouse around the page
looking for status line and cursor feeback before you start navigating
a new site.  If each sites basic controls start working in 
different ways, that makes it even more difficult.

If you are creating systems for a closed community that only
uses your applications, it may not matter, although, even then
you are implying that people with the resources of Microsoft
got it wrong.  The hest uses of styles are often subtle variations
on the standard user interface, rather than an attempt to create
a completely different look and feel.

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