Re: scroll bars for the web

i suppose it is not just a a scroll bar that i am wondering about but rather 
a new way for developers to control the appearance and functionality of 
scroll bars on a document.  for instance there have been several posts to 
this and other mailing lists from people trying to find a standardized way 
to control the appearance of scroll bars (as can be done to an extent in 
IE5.5 and above), but there is none because every system has its own scroll 
also i posted a question a short time ago about a way to control the amount 
that an element is scrolled within its own box and have since found ways to 
do so in IE, but only in IE because they are non-standard properties and 
every scrolling mechanism on every system is unique.
scroll bars are an important part of the style of any page, especially with 
the ability to set the overflow property to scroll.  it is therefore 
necessary that developers have more control over scroll bars' appearance, 
position, etc.

                                                  • mjumbewu •

>From: "Patricia Ballad" <>
>Could you elaborate?  What functionality would you like to see in a 
>specifically 'online' scrollbar?
><jn>...we probably do need a new scrollbar design for online content; the
>current scrollbar was designed for office automation content that users
>wrote themselves...</jn> (
>is there any chance that a standard, cusomizable scroll bar for online
>content might be introduced at some point in the future?
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Received on Friday, 6 April 2001 14:01:07 UTC