HTML/XHTML: issues with tables and forms.

Hi all

I have an interesting question that I don't think has been discussed on this
list before.  

I want to have a page that has two form in a table.  If you look at the URL, you'll see what
I want to do.

Problem is, this is not a valid document, because the <form> begins in one
table column, and ends in another (this is especially bad if you want to
parse this document with an XML parser), so I converted it to XHTML, as seen

However, if you view these two documents with most of the popular browsers,
there is a extra piece of white space added inside the table cells ... which
is not how I want the page to render.  I tried using style sheets to get rid
of this, but it seems like nothing can get rid of this ... my questions are:

1) is there a work around to this problem in HTML or style sheets that
handle this problem? (Yeah .. you can make this one form, but how about if
these two forms go to two different CGIs?)  I know that I could wrap the
<form> in a <div> tag with and in CSS force the height to be a certain pixel
height, and the overflow to be hidden, but that seems like a hack.

2) do all browsers do this? (I don't think there is anything in the HTML
spec about this, since this is a visual thing, which I don't believe the
spec handles)

Any help would be awesome.  


Received on Tuesday, 3 April 2001 14:32:55 UTC