Controlling text-resizing in IE

I'm trying to accomodate for the feature of text-size change in IE (View >>
text-size >> smallest, smaller, etc.) in a page I'm building.  The sliced
image I am using as a left navbar breaks apart if the text-size is set too
large, but if I extend the height of the cell to accomodate the largest
size, then viewed on smallest it takes forever to scroll down to the bottom,
ie there's a huge gap between the end of the text and the end of the page
when the text-size is set to smallest.  Is there a way to disable or control
this feature?  There seems to be on some sites I've been viewing (,
etc.), but I'm not fiding it in the source.  Is it something to control with

Also, is the breaking up of the navbar images a result of having only one
table for the page?  Would I need to go in and create a left table and right
table nested inside of one larger table or are there alternatives?  (The
shell of the page is complete-- I'm adding the content at this point) ?



Received on Monday, 2 April 2001 19:43:55 UTC