RE: Specific/generic font-family name clashes

> (According to one IE5.5 user, a site I maintain turned up all in a symbol
> font for him; I had simply applied font-family: serif to the main text and
> had rather hoped this would be at least readable for everyone. The problem
> went away when I specified a more specific font before the generic one. I
> thought this could be caused by the issue above, although he swears he
> doesn't have a symbol font installed under the name 'serif'! Can anyone
> think of any other explanation?)

I've heard of some really quite odd 'generic' font matching skills in IE5.5
with it getting it really quite wring (map symbols instead of serif was the
other case I heard of...)

As for why, I can only assume it is a bug in IE5.5...

Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 10:19:34 UTC