Re: Specific/generic font-family name clashes

Clover Andrew <> writes:

> What should happen when the name of a generic font family matches the name
> of an actual font the user has installed? I've come across tediously-named

I am not sure what will happen in real life situations, but here is
what will happen in theory[1]:

1. The user-agent will make a database of the font-faces it can access,
   and that includes the 'Serif' font-face. 

2. It will first try to match font-faces from the database in step
   one. And there it will find your 'Serif' font.

3. Before it will try the generic font-family 'Serif' it will test if
   some of the other properties for the element will match a font-face
   in the database. 


Received on Friday, 8 September 2000 10:11:43 UTC