Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

> > > That's why you should put the navigation bar:
> > >    1. in structural markup (not a table)
> > >    2. at the bottom of the file
> >Been there - doesn't work.
> Besides, accessibility will only happen if there's an easy way for the
> average webmaster to make it happen, and a simple CSS line would make it
> much easier than either of your points.


.navbar { play: optional; skip: true; }

Simplicity itself. And when it is applied, visually you could have:-
[home] [mail] [back] ...
[skip] [home] [mail] [back] ...
Or whatever, based on a UA's built in style processor;

And aurally: "Now follows another stupid navigation bar that you've heard a
million times before. To skip this bar, please holler 'aaargh!' now."

Please, CSS WG, take note.

Maybe better:
.navbar { play: optional; allow-skip: true; alt: uri(#intro); }

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Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Friday, 13 October 2000 11:28:52 UTC