Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

Hi Messers. Hickson and Brealey:
> > A negotiation thing (for navbar) (skip?)
> > Allows uses to skip certain content of a document that may be repeated a
> > lot:
> > .navbar { skip: url(#content); }
Mr. Hickson:
> .navbar { display: none; }
Mr. Brealey:
> > That's not quite right; I have actually thought that this was a
> > problem before. The navigation bars on
> > get repeated on each page, and I imagine this is quite annoying. I
> > think it's something like play-once in session; this would require
> > the browser to save ids that had been played. Or the ability to skip
> > the navigation bar; for example, to offer a prompt 'Do you want to
> > hear this damn navigation bar again?'

Exactly. The reasoning behind it is that a User Agent specific link (or
similar), like 'Do you want to hear this damn navigation bar again?' could
be placed before the damn annoying navigation bar.
It follows on from the WAI WCAG accessibility guidelines (actually HTML
Techniques for...):
"13.6 Group related links, identify the group (for user agents), and, until
user agents do so, provide a way to bypass the group. [Priority 3] "
However, the retaining of IDs sounds interesting.

> > An "else" descriptor
> > A kind of alternative attribute but for CSS. Allows UAs that don't
support a
> > specific CSS property to take on an alternative:
> > p { color: #803050, else(volume: 120%;); }
> p { color: #803050; volume: 120%; }

No, more like:
p { color: #803050, volume: 120%; }
We have alternatives for fonts, so why not everything else?
This was a bad example, but there must be examples where this type of syntax
is a good idea.

> > Style style?
> > style, link, *[style], *[class] { applies-after: 6secs; apply: global; }
> ?
I thought people would say that.

> > Alternate placement/content etc.
> > @media aural {
> > h1 { alt: url(heading1.wav) }
> > }
> @media aural {
>    h1 { content: url(heading1.wav); }
> }
Possibly as a hack for now, but I'd rather see alt: whatever, because it is
specific that it denotes "alternative content", rather than just "content".
This is for an ACSS module, don't forget (actually, being "Netscape,
Standards Compliance QA" it might well be the main thing on your mind!)

> > A :relates pseudo element
> ?
Er...a bit like XLink for CSS. I'll develop that more in detail later.

> > Spacer
> ? You mean like margin or pause-before?
No, a standardization of all of the spacing attributes of CSS: like
text-indent, pause-before, margin, but also allowing us to ass horizontal
rules, and as many spacers/spacing rules as you can think of. Probably not

> > anim:freeze
> Wouldn't this be best dealt with at a UA/UI level ?
Yes, but you might want to provide a style for the control of it, or advise
that it not be turned off, or whatever.
(The class .anim would be *required*)
img.anim:freeze { style: gradual-slow-down; }

The best idea of the lot is the: .navbar { skip: url(#content); }. The
others were just me hacking about.

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
President and Founder
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Received on Friday, 13 October 2000 08:26:10 UTC