Re: blocks within inlines

On Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:16:07 +0100, Matthew Brealey
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>L. David Baron wrote:
>> The CSS2 spec does not describe the correct formatting of inline
>> elements that contain block level elements.  


>Note also ('Inline elements with box model properties spanning
>block-level elements') (by me):
>and its URL:

Now this gets confusing, so I need to ask...

Is this discussion about elements that has been given an initial
"processing expectation" as block or inline type elements (i.e. as per
available SGML based specs), or... it about elements that has been given a suggested change of their
"processing expectation" through the use of the CSS 'display' property?

If it's the former, the only element that directly comes to mind would
be <OBJECT...

If it's the latter, anything goes of course.

(The reference from Matthew seems to indicate that he is looking at the
second alternative?)

Jan Roland Eriksson <>

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