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Displaying a structure in CSS

From: Spowart Gregor <Gregor.Spowart@icl.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 16:27:27 +0100
Message-ID: <93CB64052F94D211BC5D0010A800133102C7277F@wwmess3.bra01.icl.co.uk>
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First off, sorry to mail this to the list when it's already been mailed to a
If anyone can help me with the following problem i'd be very grateful!!!

I want to display the structure in HTML:

B    C    D     E
F           H

and have it represented in the following format (or similar) in the HTML:


That is : the immediate children of A are B, C, D and E,
the immediate children of B is F and of F is G and
the immediate children of D is H.

I think what I need is 'display: block' nested inside 'display: inline',
which is understand isn't possible, but there is 'display: inline-block',
but which I haven't been able to get to work and I can't find many
references to it on the web.  I am using MSIE 5.5, but would prefer to get
it to work on MSIE 5.0.

I'd appreciate your help very much and thanks in advance.

Gregor Spowart

Gregor Spowart
ICL Application & Technical Consultancy
Telephone : 0118 377 5502
ICL Internal : 7303 5502
Mobile : 07711 576 495
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