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> > I had a weird idea the other day (well, night).
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> > about smell and taste? 
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> Hi Kjetil ! Robert Stevahn (CSS+FP WG member already had the same
> idea. I have to tell you that the date the proposal(OCSS : Olfactory
> Cascading Style Sheets) came to the light was the 1st of April.

There's at least one company that would be interested on a completely
serious basis: digiscents (no affiliation). Check out   

DigiScents, an interactive media company, is pioneering a new industry and
art form through the digitization and broadcast of smell. DigiScents'
technology will enable consumers to enjoy more lifelike and memorable
experiences with scented web sites, e-mail, movies, music, e-commerce,
interactive games, and online advertising. 

I personally can't figure out whether to take this seriously or not, but the
CEO was a co-founder of Pangea and the management team listed on the site
looks pretty interesting. 


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