RE: CSS-Tranformation mechanism and modularizing CSS

Daniel Glazman wrote:

> 1. using colloquial english like "to muck up" makes your point
> difficult to understand w/o a dictionnary for non-english locutors. I
> had to use a dictionnary.

Sorry.[1]  But you got me back -- I couldn't find "locutor"[2] even in the

> 2. BECSS do not add scripting facilities to CSS itself ...

According to the section on script blocks[3] it does:

	  @script {
	    var count = 0;
	    function checkCount() {
	      if (document.getElementsById("radio").value == "add") {
	      else {

Do we really want to formally allow this kind of stuff inside a CSS
stylesheet???  I know I'm not the only one having a hard time buying into this.
A Javascript-capable web developer I was speaking with the other day put it this
way: "Aren't there enough important issues to keep them busy so they don't have
to obfuscate style with script just to preverve our job security?"






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