Re: font-size and accents, again

"L. David Baron" wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Nov 1999 22:41:49 -0800, (Erik van der
> Poel) wrote:
> >
> > Chris Lilley wrote:
> > > So it seems that a corollary of that is that padding should be set to
> > > (as a minimum) whatever leading is added, as a good design rule.
> >
> > No, the padding is outside the content height, and the content height is
> > the line box height if there is only one line, and the line box height
> > is the inline box height if there is only one inline element, and the
> > inline box height is the line-height of that inline element.
> That's actually not true.  It's a known error in CSS2 that has not yet
> appeared in the errata.  I reported it to css2-editors a while ago and
> the discussion following my report confirmed it was an error.

Did the discussion occur on an archived mailing list? I may want to take
a look.

> The
> padding and border of inline elements fit vertically around the
> *font-size* as the height of the box, whereas the line-height is only
> the logical height used for placement of the inline box within the line
> box and computing the size of the line box.

I think it's wrong to choose that definition. If a style sheet author
wants to make sure that glyphs don't bleed outside their background,
they must now set not only the line-height but also the padding. That's
a bit too much. It would be easier for authors if the padding and border
of an inline element were added to the *line-height* of that element
(not the font-size). Then the author can select a good line-height to
make sure glyphs in successive lines don't collide, and that
automatically makes the background tall enough to encompass all glyphs
vertically. (The default padding is zero, right?)


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