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> Erik van der Poel wrote:
> > 
> > Now I have a question about aligning text vertically inside its inline
> > box. Is the implementor supposed to use the max ascent (i.e. including
> > any protruding glyphs) or the ascent (i.e. excluding any protruding
> > glyphs)?
> Assuming that the font-size is 12pt, the line-height is 14pt and that
> 1pt should be added above and below, I think that the vertical alignment
> should be (1pt + ascent), not (1pt + max ascent), since the 12pt
> font-size does not include the max ascent and max descent.

I agree that you should use ascent, because otherwise it wouldn't be
aligned correctly from the bottom (i.e., centered).  (The way you
propose to do things, ascent + descent = font-size, right?  And I
assume by "vertical alignment" you mean the distance from the top of
the inline box to the baseline of the text.)


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