Re: Text-transform: small-caps

> I think this would be a good value for text-transform
> in view of the fact that I don't always want to submit
> myself to whatever nasty small-caps font the browser
> chooses through font-variant: small-caps.
> It would convert lowercase characters to slightly
> smaller uppercase glyphs, but would leave uppercase
> characters the same.
> Thus instead of {font-variant: small-caps} I could use
> {text-transform: small-caps; text-transform-family:
> serif} or something along these lines (esp. given that
> current font-variant implementations do what I have
> described, except not allowing choice of font - I
> don't want my small-caps in my body (sans-serif)
> font.)

beuuuuuuuu. Is that _really_ useful ? Can you please demonstrate a
global need for such a...such a...such a glorgl (sorry, can't find any
word for this stuff ;-) ?


Received on Friday, 26 November 1999 07:58:43 UTC