Consider the following example document-tree:
  * HTML (margin,border,padding:0; width:auto)
    * HEAD (ignored)
    * BODY (margin,border,padding:0; width:auto)
      * P (margin,border,padding:0; text-align:center; width:500)
        * anonymous inlinebox
          * "The lazy fox jumped over the dog, or whatever.."

html.width will be viewport.width (9.1.2)
-> body.width will be viewport.width (10.3.3)
-> p.width will be viewport.width (10.3.3) (conflict!)

What should my program do to resolve the conflict?
  1) set p.margin-right to 'auto' (10.3.3)
     so scrolling will never take place, even if content exceeds viewport
  2) internally adjust html.width (keeping the value on 'auto') (overriding
init-state at 9.1.2)
     so scrolling could take place when the content exceeds the viewport 


Mark Ament

Received on Friday, 19 November 1999 19:32:44 UTC