Re: The canvas

(oops, I'd left the previous, unfinished post sitting on my
messy desktop and apparently hit the send button by mistake.)

Tantek Celik wrote:

> My experience has been that authors using CSS (or HTML or
any other web
> authoring language) rarely read the actual spec, and
typically learn by
> experimenting with a particular browser. Once they get
something to look the
> way they want it to, they expect that to not break.

True. And it's my experience that authors typically look at
other authors' web pages and study markup from pages they
like. I certainly did. Subsequent browser upgrades highlighted
my ignorance.

IMO, CSS should not be designed to accommodate work-arounds
that inevitably break as technology changes. Future web
authors will appreciate consistency, not unfathomable
exceptions in deference to previous bad practice.

David Perrell

Received on Friday, 19 November 1999 16:10:30 UTC