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> element. Then in CSS as it stands now, I'd have to specify very many
> properties (i.e., ins{color:inherit;background-color:inherit;etc:etc}).
> Wouldn't it be wise to have a property called "all" (or the like), so that
> I could specify ins{all:inherit;font-weight:bolder}?

You wouldn't want to specify 'inherit' for all properties - think about
width, vertical-align, etc.  What you would want instead is something
that says reset all properties to their default (whether it is
inheritance or some value).  I'm not sure if such a declaration would
be a good idea, since it could cause strange forward-compatibility
problems (if things the author didn't expect to be under the control of
CSS came under the control of CSS, for example, whether a user could
interact with an element).


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