Say I don't know how a typical browser will display the <ins> tag. (Or say
I don't know how *your* browser will, as indeed I don't, considering that
you have user style sheets.) So your browser may display it boldfaced, or
underlined, or green, or italicized, or smallcaps, or fullcaps, or.... Now
say I want it boldfaced, but otherwise exactly the same as its parent
element. Then in CSS as it stands now, I'd have to specify very many
properties (i.e., ins{color:inherit;background-color:inherit;etc:etc}).
Wouldn't it be wise to have a property called "all" (or the like), so that
I could specify ins{all:inherit;font-weight:bolder}?

Michael Hamm
BA, Math, Aug. '00

Received on Sunday, 14 November 1999 14:22:01 UTC