@font-face rules

CSS2, section 15.3.1:

  Note that if the font 'Robson Celtic' had been installed on the
  client system, this would have caused the UA to add an entry in
  the font database for the installed copy as described in the
  section on the font matching algorithm. The installed copy
  would have been matched before the downloadable font in the
  example above.

Which part of the CSS2 spec specifies how the various @font-face rules
override each other? There are 3 bullets in Step 1. of section 15.5, but
it is not clear that the order of these bullets matters. Is it the case
that UAs should first look at the @font-face rules for locally installed
fonts, then look at any @font-face rules in style sheets linked to or
contained in the document, and finally look at the @font-face rules in
the UA default style sheet, which includes rules for the generic fonts?

Does this mean that the document can specify its own font descriptors
for the generic font "serif", and that these descriptors will be used
rather than the UA's own descriptors?


Erik van der Poel

Received on Tuesday, 9 November 1999 20:09:31 UTC