Deficient mail clients (was Re: Position of ALT text on IMG)

--- Tantek Celik <> wrote:
> <anonymous> wrote:
It is not possible to send un-named messages from
Yahoo Mail, see below.

> Do postings from yahoomail always show anonymous or
> is this just one person?
> Would it be too much to ask the author to sign their
> messages?  I get very
> little header information on these yahoomail emails,
> and can only infer from
> the minimal header that this was a www-style
> posting. Or perhaps this is an
> error with my reader.

If you look at the www-style archive page, you will
find that my name does show up, albeit in a somewhat
garbled (though still clearly distinguishable) form.

I believe the problems is the e-mail header where
Yahoo mail sends all kinds of encoding information.

Clearly your mail client is incapable of understanding
it. I had no idea that mail clients had this problem,
but to avoid any future misunderstanding I have
appended a signature to this and all subsequent

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