Re: New Working Draft : BECSS

> property-value pairs, it is just that the values this time are in a
> language that can be executed. (Typically, ECMAScript.)

And that's what frigtens our dear Haakon... The Web is full of docume
nts containing scripts that can be executed - including by Opera - but
it does not turn html into a programming language. So I don't really
see, even we discussed that a lot of times, what could potentially
make CSS a programming language here.

> CSS itself is still not a programming language.

I totally agree with that.

> Executable code already appears in HTML. Moving it to CSS adds no
> security problems that are not present already, but makes the life of
> web authors significantly simpler.


> What does anyone gain by forcing the 
>    user-select: text;
> ...and
>    onBlur: "validateData()";
> be in different files?

Complexity for web authors.

I think we are running into a really religious war. Some of us, with a
very practical view of the web, see benefits in a becss
mechanism. Some others, with a very ideal and pure view of the web,
see dangers. Our actual arguments are not going to convince Haakon and
Haakon's counter-arguments seem irrelevant to me.

[ nothing personal, Haakon... I just believe you are completely wrong ]


Received on Wednesday, 3 November 1999 04:54:06 UTC